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What do we do?


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What do we do ?



For your business:-

Successfully develop businesses by increasing profitable sales, productivity, and management efficiency.

For your people:-

Successfully develop the senior executives, their teams and key personnel.



On what key subjects?



1. Business Planning

- Business Planning Structure and Strategy
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- Organisational and Change Management linked to Decision Making


2. Business Development

- Market Research and Lead Generation

- The Art of Selling and Negotiation at all levels

- Sales Management and Sales Development Metrics


3. Customer Development

- Account Development and Management

- Customer Care, Service and Relations

- Customer Profitability Assessment and Development


4. Leadership and Management Development

- Practical application of the Key Principles of Leadership

- Management Motivation, Team Dynamics and Development

- Appraisal and Performance Management Metrics



Why does it work?



Through a clearly structured approach to the project including:

- a thorough assessment of the needs and issues

- a detailed proposal defining the objectives, outcomes and measurement criteria

- facilitation and delivery of the programme to a pre-determined time scale

- review of results benchmarked against measurement criteria

- tried and tested methodology that converts theory into practice in the workplace.



Client Quote:



“What you get with Richard Jackson is a tailored solution that works, not just one
based on a standard format”



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